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The Road to Italy has taken us to the coast of Rimini, around Lake Garda and back to East Westphalia. On two wheels, four wheels and with a lot of electric mobility. Time for a summary and a few impressions behind the scenes.

Julia Plöger is Marketing Communication Manager at Phoenix Contact E-Mobility. And as co-pilot on this e-mobile trip to Italy, she is the organizer behind the scenes. Where is the next free charging station? How do we get to the hotel? When do we meet our film crew? Julia knew the answers, kept order in the chaos and discipline during the day. As far as this was possible …

One battery charge is enough for well over 400 kilometers

“We have covered about 3,500 kilometers, about 300 kilometers of which were also accompanied by two wheels together. Ten charging stops were enough for the distance and the days. And our Audi made do with 18.6 kW/100 km of energy. “Julia has her data under control. “I was pleasantly surprised by the charging infrastructure, which we always hear about here in everyday life, that there is still so much to be done in Germany and Europe. It all worked out totally smoothly. Also thanks to the support of the app, which always reliably showed us free, occupied or defective charging stations.” Phoenix Contact has long since expanded its company fuel card to include an e-mobile function with a matching app.

Charging conversations at the column

“But what impressed me most was the response from people on the street. It started on a small scale, with the loading conversations at the gas pump thanks to our eye-catching four-wheeled vehicle. And then when Cedric sat on the Energica, whole bunches of spectators kept forming. Especially when they realized that this wasn’t a Ducati prototype, but actually an electric motorcycle. Most of them could hardly believe it,” smiles Plöger. “And of course, as a Phoenix Contact employee, I was pleased to see that our vehicle charging connectors are in use almost everywhere, especially for fast charging.” The marketing specialist also raves about the cooperation with the Energica team. “Totally uncomplicated and helpful, even with more unusual interview requests.”

For Julia Plöger, it was her first trip to Italy. “A great country, great people, great food – just an enormous number of wonderful experiences,” says the marketing specialist, enthusiastic about the destination country. “Even though I wasn’t able to enjoy much of it, because the days were so packed that we didn’t get to the hotel until late in the evening. And if you think posting on social media is something you can do quickly, you’re sorely mistaken.” The trio reported on their mobile adventures on LinkedIn and via Instagram, in addition to this blog. “And when the day got way too long again, the only thing that kept us going was an energy drink.”

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