The Energica Partners Day

Monday was all about the Italian motorcycle manufacturer Energica. Our trio visited the headquarters, where suppliers from all over the world met at the Energica Partners Day. While Ralf was able to score with his knowledge of Italian and old contacts, Cedric got into the saddle himself for the first time …

In Modena, at the headquarters of the Energica Motorcompany

Shaking the dust of the Misano race out of his clothes, the next day it was on to the eagerly awaited day at Energica in Modena. The motorcycle manufacturer has an excellent name in the region, the parent company has been a fixture on the scene for more than 40 years.
Modena – that’s not just a region in northern Italy. Not only a race track where Formula 1 is at home. But also home to Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Ducati and Co.

The company headquarters has an ultra-modern design. No wonder, the company founder actually wanted to study architecture.

After the Second World War, Salvatore Cevolini founded a supplier company for the slowly restarting automotive vehicle production. The company soon specialized in the development of Formula 1 parts, which was strengthened in the 1970s by the son, Roberto Cevolini. With the grandson of the company founder, Franco Cevolini, the next family scion takes over the tradition. He founded CRP Technology, which specializes in prototype development and 3-D printing. His sister Livia Cevolini, an engineer herself, ventures into the world of racing two-wheelers and founds the startup Energica. In 2011, the first prototype is on the road. Better on the track, because that’s where the family is at home. And since then, Energica has been outrunning everything with horsepower on the roads, whether with two or four wheels.

Object of desire: an Energica Eva Ribelle

Once a year, the exquisite motorcycle manufacturer invites partners, celebrities, politicians and suppliers to the heart of its manufacturing operations, to Energica Partners Day. And that’s exactly where Julia, Ralf and Cedric meet. “We have been partners of Energica for a long time. And for our Italian colleagues in particular, this partnership is much more than just the connection between a supplier and its end customer. These are already friendly ties that Phoenix Contact and Energica share,” Ralf Bungenstock tells us. The Director of Marketing Communications at Phoenix Contact E-Mobility has known Energica since the beginning of the cooperation. He and his colleagues receive a correspondingly warm welcome here. Particularly exciting for the two technicians Ralf and Cedric are the glimpses of the very first prototypes and motorcycles on display here. “These are still really reengineered internal combustion engines. You can still see a lot of compromises, because back then Energica manufactured almost everything itself. There were hardly any manufacturers dedicated to e-mobility,” Ralf reminisces.

Ralf in conversation with CTO Giampiero Testoni

Cedric admires the design. You can tell that the young engineer, who races motorcycles himself, can’t wait to finally take a seat on an Energica. “The proportions are just perfect – brilliant Italian design.” But before that, there are talks to be had with Giampiero Testoni, Energica’s technical director, and company boss Livia Cevolini. The two talk about how their brand’s clientele has changed in recent years – from e-mobility freaks to a real fan base of electric motorcycles who appreciate the huge torque, unique sound and incredible performance of their battery-powered fun machines. “This is Blade Runner to the power of 10,” Ralf sums up his acoustic impressions.

Enercia’s road models also rely on charging technology from Phoenix Contact

And while Cedric undertakes his first seat tests on a sporty Eva Ribelle, the head of communications climbs onto an Energica Experia. “I don’t even have a motorcycle license. But this thing is so great that I’m really thinking about getting one after all,” Ralf smiles at himself.

Actually, Ralf only wanted to put an Energica in his living room, that’s how beautiful he finds the design.

We are curious to hear what our trio has to report after the following test and film day with “their” Energica. Will Ralf still become a motorcyclist? Can Cedric exploit the performance to the full? How does such a torque monster ride on two wheels? Read on here tomorrow!


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