Parking under first floor

When the automotive treasure is ordered underground and the systems of Klaus Multiparking are in play, then the end of…

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Over rough and smooth

It doesn’t get much wilder than this – Rally Cross is an archaic version of motorsport. Huge engines, lightweight vehicles,…

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Smart Building

When the wall shakes

When Mother Earth discovers her archaic nature, man becomes very small. Earthquakes are an elementary force of nature against which…

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It does not work without Chile

The vision of an All Electric Society, in which fossil fuels are replaced by intelligently networked regenerative energy generation, cannot…

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Berries from Büren

A cold day in May, near Paderborn – on-site visit to the field. In icy wind and hail, we take…

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From quarry to terminal

If you read the few lines you find about Dirk Görlitzer, you might think he is a typical representative of…

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