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Susanne Dahl is the new General Manager in Sweden

Susanne Dahl has been the General Manager of our subsidiary Phoenix Contact AB in Sweden since July 1. Before joining Phoenix Contact in 2019, she worked for 20 years in IT for various companies. She joined Phoenix Contact as Business Area Manager for BA IMA. “A wonderful time with a great team,” she fondly recalls of her early days at Phoenix Contact.

She now succeeds Stefan Nordenfors, who has left the company, as General Manager in Sweden.

Susanne Dahl has big plans for the subsidiary in Huddinge, Sweden, a municipality in the province of Stockholm, and its nearly 70 employees: “My goal, of course, is to increase Phoenix Contact’s sales and market share in Sweden and to ensure that our organization is ready for greater growth and our future.” The All Electric Society’s vision of the future offers the opportunity to do just that: “Our task is to use our products, systems and solutions to enable the necessary transformation from fossil fuels to climate-neutral fuels – everywhere in the world. We can support our customers in this.”

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