Door by door a good deed

The Canadian colleagues from Phoenix Contact have decided on a very special promotion for this year’s Advent season. They are supporting a campaign that started in Germany.

Sebastian and Johanna Wehkamp

The 24 Good Deeds Advent calendar is an idea of Sebastian and Johanna Wehkamp. Instead of investing in a calendar with little doors of chocolate, marzipan or other bits and pieces for the countdown to Christmas Eve, the two decided to do something good every day. Which, after all, corresponds perfectly with the spirit and purpose of the Christmas season. Thought and done – since 2011, this aid project for the Christmas season exists.

Behind each of the doors is an aid project, which is supported with the calendar revenues. Every day, behind each door you can find out how you have made the world a little bit better. The actions benefit environmental and nature conservation, health, education and poverty reduction worldwide. The projects are selected by an independent advisory board.

C: Strobinski Werbeagentur

The team from Phoenix Contact Canada heard about the “24 Good Deeds Advent Calendar”. In Canada it was first launched in 2020. The team decided to surprise their customers with this very special calendar. An idea that will surely find its imitators. And it will be most welcome!

24 Good Deeds
Phoenix Contact Canada

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