Necessity is the mother of invention. And when acute need meets creative minds, and this is combined with innovative technology, exciting things can happen.

Forearm opener

At the Phoenix Contact subsidiary Protiq, the experts for additive manufacturing technologies, the topic of daily hygiene has brought the handling of the door opener into focus. Toilets, entrances or open-plan offices – how do you get around contact with the surface around it that has been touched thousands of times?

“The ideas had several colleagues simultaneously. Similar ideas had already been circulated on the Internet and so we spontaneously constructed the first samples and printed them overnight. This was in the last week of March,” says Clemens Boesen, production manager at Protiq.

Clemens Boesen

Different variants of the problem solvers were created from polyamide 12, all of which are suitable for cheating the virus slingshot door opener. And now available not only for Phoenix Contact’s own requirements, but can also be ordered directly:

The innovative 3-D pressure door opener

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