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Phoenix Contact is one of the winners of the German Innovation Award 2023 – twice. Gold in the Excellence Business to Business main category went to the development of the “Ex i isolation amplifier functional-safety-and-explosion-protection” target=”_blank” aria-label=”MINI Analog Pro with SIL 3 (opens in a new tab)” rel=”noreferrer noopener” class=”ek-link”>MINI Analog Pro with SIL 3″. The development of the SPT Modular circuit board terminal received an award in the “Special Mention” category. The award ceremony took place on Tuesday evening (May 23) in Berlin.

Dr. Martin Wetter (center) receives the award

Dr Martin Wetter, Executive Vice President Innovation of the Business Area ICE (Industrial Components and Electronics), was visibly proud. “With a width of just 6.2 millimeters, the MINI Analog Pro combines explosion protection and functional safety in a single device,” he said. “For this reason, this miracle of miniaturization has over ten patents for housing, analog and measurement technology.”

Mini Analog Pro with SIL3

The independent jury of the German Innovation Award also called the variant of the isolation amplifier family a milestone in miniaturization, requiring less than half the space in the control cabinet than conventional solutions. It was also remarkable how carefully and comprehensively the project was thought out overall.

In its reasoning for the award for the PCB terminal block, the jury emphasized that with “SPT modular” Phoenix Contact had for the first time implemented an end-to-end digital process chain from the configurator to production. At the end of a configuration, all the data required for the design in the process and ordering process is available, it said.

With the German Innovation Award, the German Design Council honors cross-industry products and solutions that distinguish themselves primarily through user-centeredness and added value compared to previous solutions. Among other things, the innovation award aims to make them visible to a broad audience.

Dr. Martin Wetter, Yves Hackl and Veith Thielecke (

Trennverstärker und Messumformer für Standardanwendungen | Phoenix Contact

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